Startup Studio

Using our in-house engineering tools, we create companies from scratch, pre-test them on the market and once we’ve generated enough traction, we put a young talented team in place to scale the projects to full-fledged companies. We use softwares to find great ideas but most importantly to structure a business around those ideas. We then incubate our projects ourselves using our 60-day program and iterate or pivot as required. We strongly believe in this engineering approach to launch new companies ourselves, we love to say that companies are not built they’re engineered.

Pitch Studios

We came up with the concept of the pitch studios because we have a lot of resources and we want to assist people with ingenuous ideas to launch their projects fast. The process is easy and not restrictive, we invite anyone to come speak to us at any time at our offices to pitch their ideas in a non-pressured and relaxed environment. We then discuss with the person and if the idea is good enough, we offer three levels of assistance in the form of discounts. The discounts range from 12.5%, 25% and 50%.

Our assistance cover:

• Minimum Viable Product development (web/app/software/platform)
• Access to premium office spaces
• Access to management services
• Startup management softwares

Every single person who enters our pitch studios will be granted access to our online incubator, which aggregates the tools, business resources and contacts we have available in our ecosystem. We want to be the largest international incubator in the world.